Love ’em or Lose ’em: The importance of high-touch recruiting


According to a recent ERE Media survey, recruiters said 42 percent of their candidates who got an offer turned it down. 

Don’t let the technology lull you into a low-touch mechanical experience with your candidates, or you may lose them.


Altanexa’s Recruiting Relationship Model

One of 2016’s biggest talent acquisition trends is about the importance of the relationship and the high-touch experience.  See Altanexa’s Recruiting Relationship Model below.   There has to be a continuous channel of communication, collaboration, and cultural exchange with all of the core stakeholders.  In this case, the recruiter is acting as the point person, who manages the overall interactions during the process, but more importantly, is nurturing the relationship and trust of the candidate in the client, and the client and the candidate.


While some of the interactions will be via email and other technologies, nothing is as powerful as open dialogue and open-ended questioning techniques, which will cull out more insights and information, which is invaluable to all parties.

It’s all about that culture!

How do the best companies keep their candidate pipeline stuffed with well-qualified candidates?  They make sure their company culture is readily available to see and understand.  Zappos’ recruiting processes embodies this.  Check out how they provide access into their culture and see sample “Zapponians” talk about what it is like to work at Zappos.

The culture aspect of recruiting can’t be underestimated for any of the involved parties:  client, candidate, or recruiter.   Much as an experienced art docent at a museum weaves stories, anecdotes, interesting facts, and little-known secrets about the art in a museum, the recruiter acts as the docent for the client and candidate.  The more the recruiter is credible in the cultural exchange between the courting parties, the greater chance of placement success and more importantly candidate retention.

“I am not a cog in your machine”

recruitingIf you are still reading this, there is a good possibility you have been or are currently, in the position of trying to hire hard-to-find candidates.  Most of these candidates know their value in the market and want to feel like a respected partner throughout the placement process.  If the recruiter or client treat these candidates mechanically and don’t create a rapport and open, frequent communication, they will likely not successfully place/hire the candidate.  Furthermore, they may let their professional networks know about their experiences with the hiring company and the recruiter.


Recruiting is one of the purest forms of sales

Recruiting, at the end of the day, is one of the purest forms of sales.  In this day and age when many recruiters are viewed as commodities, the best recruiters leverage the core tenets of the Challenger Sales Model™ in their engagements.

  1. Teach the client and the candidate something they didn’t know.
  2. Create the solution.
  3. Close the candidate.

For example, maybe you know through discussions with your candidate, that she is a wine enthusiast.  You also know that the headquarters is less than thirty minutes away from some of the best wine made in Columbia Valley of Washington State.  Why not bring it up in a conversation and maybe send the candidate a book on Columbia Valley wines?  Share location demographics and other information, which someone who might need to relocate would find valuable.

As a recruiter, you work tirelessly with both your client also to determine a solution, which will help place the client, and help show the value of your knowledge and best practices in tandem with what the candidate is seeking in his or her next career move.

Finally, when the parties are educated about each other, and a contractual solution is created, you can close the candidate and the organization’s opening.  Stay with the recruiting project until it is completed and send a handwritten thank you note to the primary client stakeholder, the candidate, and any other people in the process who helped you get the job done successfully.

5 Tips for Better Client/Candidate Relationships

Here are five tips to help you have better client/candidate relationships.

  • Subscribe to Google company alerts and/or follow the client company on LinkedIn.  Share any interesting or related news with your candidate seeking a role there.  It shows you are looking out for the candidate and helps her be better prepared for future company interviews.
  • Go beyond the candidate resume.  What is the candidate’s personal passion?  What are some of the activities they like to pursue when they are not working?  Personal passions often are correlated with strengths, which can be useful to share with your client.
  • Ask your candidate about their strengths and/or gifts.  If they haven’t completed a Strengthsfinder™ or Standout™ assessment recommend they take one and for late-stage finalist candidates, consider paying for this for them.
  • During the placement process, conduct a weekly 15-minute one-on-one with the client Point-of-Contact (POC) and the candidate, to validate progress and to be able to provide updates to both sides.
  • Treat your client and candidates like you would like to be treated during the placement process.


In today’s high-tech, fast-paced, information-laden world, passive candidates (and job seekers) seek to be treated with respect, understanding, and responsiveness. After the recruiting and interview process is finally complete (with the extensive time commitment that process required of you and your team) it can be devastating (and expensive) to have that offer declined. To ensure you will get your offers accepted in future, remember to continuously build and strengthen your developing relationships with candidates throughout the entire interview process through shared knowledge, collaboration and open, frequent direct communication.   If this has taken place, you will find yourself landing your first-choice candidate more often.


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