Sales guru: my fantastic 7


Everyone has heroes.  Many of mine just happen to sales pros.

Jeffery Gitomer

The epitome of a sales guru.  He eats, breathes, sleeps and probably dreams about sales.  His “little” books are packed full of practical tips to advance the sale.  I actually used a tip from the Sales Bible to advance a deal with a ghosted prospect, and ultimately closed a million-dollar-plus deal.

Jim Keenan

Jim is a no-nonsense sales pro.  Keenan’s Web site is phenomenal and his short videos are not only entertaining but they will help you close deals.  Here is one of my favorites:  Make Your Customer Say NO!

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Okay.  He’s a fictional character.  But his infallible influence was strong enough to close the sale he needed at the time.  “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”

Mark Cuban

You might not consider Mark your typical sales guru, but from as early as 12 years old, when he sold garbage bags door-to-door to buy a pair of basketball shoes to his latest forays on the Shark Tank, Mark is a shrewd negotiator and a great influencer.

Jill Konrath

Jill is a bestselling author and her Web site is loaded with real-life sales strategies to drive your business forward.

Neil Rackham

The original Spin Doctor.  Neil’s book, Spin Selling, is still the #1 textbook for sales according to  Spin Selling was first published in 1988.  That’s almost 30 years at the top of the charts.  Most recently I noticed he wrote the foreword for The Challenger Sale, which is still one of my favorite sales methodology/model books.

Dan Seidman

What can I say?  His company is Sales Autopsy.  He had me at sales and autopsy.  He is a master at helping sales pros learn from misguided sales efforts of others.  And as a learning professional myself, I am a strong believer in the power of stories and how much easier they are to recall.

That’s my list.  Who would you add and why?  Please post in the comments and feel free to share the article.

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(c) 2016, Darin Hartley 

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