I See Dead People

Blurred mysterious people walking in a weird background

It happened again last week

I am on LinkedIn multiple times a day to network, read great posts, article shares, etc. I also like to publish and share content to my network as well, as a way to grow mine. In the first log-in on LinkedIn on a new day, there are always an updated set of work-related anniversaries for your connections, in the upper right-hand corner, like the image below.



A visit from an old friend

Last week, I noticed one of these “Keep in touch,” blocks showed the fifth anniversary of one of my first -degree connections and a client I had sold many professional services to over the years.  This would have been fine, except that this person has been deceased for nearly four years.  It is one of those strange unintended consequences, which social networking companies, haven’t really addressed.  Shortly after the first time this happened, I sent a query into LinkedIn support and asked about how profiles of deceased get removed.  I got no response.

So, my former professional peer, friend, and client lives in a kind of pixel-based purgatory, who is there, but not really.

Yes.  I see dead people.  I’d be interested to see how many of you do.

Note:  This post originally published on LinkedIn on October 15, 2016.

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