learning strategyMany organizations are looking to get an outsider’s view of their current learning organizational strategy.  Whether you are seeking a quick assessment and a set of recommendations to support a change in direction for your organization, or something more in-depth, The Janus Experience can help!

WritingI get it. You hate to write. I live to write. So, if you need some extra content or maybe a product review or customer interview, let’s talk. In fact, if you want to try me out. Send me an idea for a 500-word blog post and I’ll write your first blog post for free.

Sales training consultingAre you seeking help in identifying onboarding, product, sales skills and ongoing performance support for your sales pros?   Let’s connect and talk about what you are currently doing and how it can be adjusted or augmented for greater and more measurable success.

JASRMany learning professionals don’t realize the importance of job analysis and its role in sound role-based training, performance management, behavioral interviewing, competency modeling, and curriculum development.  And it is often viewed as daunting and time consuming.

Let’s talk about my three-hour method, Job Analysis at the Speed of Reality (JASR), and how you can get validated task lists created as quickly as that!

speakingDo you need a professional speaker for an event or conference you are managing?  Maybe you’d like a Webinar presenter or a guest speaker for one of your Lunch and Learns.

Or maybe you want to have a facilitator for a virtual book club on a professional topic.  If so, let’s talk about what you are specifically seeking to do and I will see if I can help you.

Learning TechAre you considering acquiring or subscribing to a new learning technology, e.g., a Learning Management System (LMS), authoring tools, MOOC development tools, etc. but aren’t sure how to start given the size and diversity of the current market space?  Contact me and I will work with you to initiate a proven methodology to technology selection based on your technical and business requirements.

Compliance trainingThere are a vast array of compliance requirements across all industries from finance, healthcare, government, and higher education, etc.

Implementing the right compliance training solutions can minimize legal issues and extra costs associated with splinter implementations of this training in organizations.  Connect with me if you’d like to know more.

Sales performance consultingIs your sales organization operating at peak performance?   Are you happy with the sales cycle, margin, product mix and hunting capabilities of your sales pros?  Would you like to learn more about hunting and targeting with social media?  Let’s talk!

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