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The results are in. A “compliance continuum” drives better readiness.


Is your compliance training boring or sticky?

I am not sure where, but some person or group of people, years ago, determined that compliance training was and would always be boring. “Compliance is serious stuff. How can you be serious and not boring?”
While I know no one intended all of us to be locked in sleepy compliance training purgatory, sadly that seems to be the predominant current state of compliance readiness. I swear at various times during the year I can hear collective shouts of joy (like the YOPP from Whoville) from HR and Legal departments when the point-and-click, done-until-next-year, “it-only-took-four-months” annual training is completed.

But we have always done one annualized compliance event

The problem with sheep-dip compliance training is it rarely can be effective. Why?

• Compliance issues can’t be compartmentalized into a month, or week, or day. When your employee runs into a compliance-related issue, chances are it will not align with your implementation schedule.
• True learning takes practice and failure in a safe environment. Just taking an online class or signing a document once a year doesn’t allow that to happen.
• Humans through the ages have learned with stories. That is what we remember best. If your compliance training doesn’t have some sort of storyline(s) in it, retention will not be good.
• If your compliance training doesn’t contain visual or graphic elements in it, the engagement and retention will suffer.
• If you view compliance as a singular event, you are putting your organization at risk.

Is there a better way?

Certainly, there are better ways to do this. For starters, if not the case already, establish a “compliance program.” Look at the model below. This could be a great basis for what you could design and implement. I call this a “Compliance Continuum.”
Compliance ContinuumWhat if your organization’s compliance policies were easy to access and reporting and tracking of learner completion were super easy?

What if the compliance courseware was online and available via mobile devices, so employees could refer to their training and get refreshed throughout the year?

What if you could distribute short animated videos (not cutesy), written by world-class attorneys, with reality-based compliance topics to sustain learning month over month? And achieve results like these…


How about a 24/7 hotline for employees to call with questions, concerns, or compliance issue reporting?

And, finally, wouldn’t it be great to harness all of this with a modern SaaS-based Learning Management System (LMS), which can stand alone or integrate with your existing system(s)?

Intrigued?  Interested?

I hope you are a little intrigued. Not just because this is an interesting and great method to help make your compliance training less boring, more engaging, and stickier, but because it is a much better way to think of compliance and behavioral change related to compliance.
If you want to know more about an actual Compliance Continuum, please drop me a note or give me a call at (360) 536-3169.

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