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7 Should Ask Questions (SAQs) for Your Online Learning Solution

7 SAQs7 Should Ask Questions (SAQs) for Your Online Learning Solution

Are planning to build or buy an online course as a learning solution for your organization?

Answer the following are 7 SAQs before you get started.

  • What is the core technology being used?
Technology +


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)


SaaS solutions typically can be implemented more quickly, can be updated more quickly, and are more acceptable by IT now.
Software Application


Typically, harder to implement and maintain.  May be required in some organizations.  License fees often include annual maintenance fees.
Mobile Application


Can create additional steps for the learner experience.
Physical Media (DVDs, CDs, Flash Drives, etc.


Cost of distribution, security, and updating makes this a typically undesirable solution.


  • Is your solution designed responsively for the Web?
    • It is important given the high percentage of your staff with mobile devices that your learning solution will work well across multiple mobile form factors and platforms. Responsive Web Design solutions are coded to do this.
  • What special plug-ins or extensions are required for a mobile learning experience?
    • The answer you want to hear here is “none.” Every additional step a learner has to take to access the learning content is one more reason for him or her to not use it.
    • The high adoption of mobile devices by your staff should make a great mobile experience imperative for your learning solution.
  • Does the solution require an iOS or Android application for the solution to work?
    • If “YES,” see the question and answer above.
  • How seamless is the learning experience?
    • Some people don’t realize that some Learning Management Systems (LMSs), which use applications for a “mobile” learning experience, aren’t synced with the experience a learner has from his or her computer. Not being aligned with your learning experience from device to device is frustrating.
    • To think of this in an analogous way, when you are reading a book on the Kindle application, from whatever device, it can always sync your library and your last bookmark across any device you are currently using. This is a great user experience.
  • How will (or can) the learning solution be used for performance support?
    • Learning doesn’t happen in a single event. Your learners should be able to readily access the content, information, and tools available in the learning solution whenever it is needed.
  • How is continuous feedback gathered from the learning solution?
    • Many learning pros are happy to gather feedback on a solution solely at the end of a course or intervention. Why not enter single questions throughout the solution and get compartmentalized real-time feedback on your offering?  This is so much better than the “smiley sheets” typically provided post-training.  And frankly, if people quit a course before the end of the training, you have lost invaluable feedback about why they may have done that.

I hope you have found these SAQs helpful.  Feel free to add more and/or share with your peers.

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